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8 Ways To Make Extra Money (While Enjoying It)

Most of us wouldn’t mind a few extra hundred dollars rolling in each month. With how expensive everything is, especially the cost of living, it wouldn’t hurt to find an extra source of income. The thing is that we don’t want to put in more hours to do something we don’t like, especially when we’re already working so hard. Because of this, it’s great to find ways to make extra money while you’re already working or at least by doing something you love. And, you want it to be something that you can decide when it works for you. If you don’t feel like doing it on certain days, then don’t do it. You want it to be somewhat enjoyable rather than an extra hassle.

Here’s 8 great ways to make a little extra money while enjoying it:

1. Start a doggy day care.

If you’re anything like me, you love animals. There’s many websites out there where you can put up a free profile that is specifically for dog care. It can be overnight stays, walks, day care, or anything you want. The website I really like is

My mother-in-law recently retired and she wanted to make sure she stayed active. She’s another huge dog lover so we recommended the website to her. She was a little hesitant at first but she decided to go for it, and she loves it. She charges about $35 per dog for a day and usually has 2 to 3 at a time. She decides what days she wants to do it. There’s no commitments, except for the days you agree to. She brings in an extra $500-700/month doing this AND she loves it. She says it doesn’t even feel like work. Plus, she’s been getting in shape while staying active with the dogs.

2. Host on Airbnb.

If you have an extra room in your house, or a cottage, or anything, put it on Airbnb. You can rent it out per night at a good price. Like with the doggy day care, if you don’t want to have people staying there on certain days or months, then just book it off. People usually rent their places out for around the cost of a night’s stay at a hotel. It’s a great way to make some extra cash with very little commitment.

3. Tutor from home.

If you’re great at a language or certain subject, you can tutor others online. There’s many companies that offer this service and are looking for people like you. is the one I’m most familiar with. It’s a very easy setup, too. I think it's such a great way to help others out all while in the comfort of your own home and from a computer.

4. Teach people your skills.

Let’s say you’re a great guitar player. It’s something you love to do so why not make a little extra cash from it. Maybe you don’t have time to put in the effort to find paid gigs at bars, so instead put up an Ad offering guitar lessons. There’s tons of people looking to learn. One of my friend’s used to do this and he was bringing in an extra $250/week by simply playing guitar with someone for a couple of hours each night.

If you want to take this a step further, then create an online program teaching your skill. That way it becomes a source of passive income. You can teach anything that you’re great at. There's lots of platforms out there like Teachable and Kajabi.

5. Become an influencer.

I know this one isn’t easy but people can become influencers on social media if they have a niche. When you build up a certain following and create a lot of engagement (comments on pictures) you can start making money off of your posts. Companies will pay you big bucks if their product is getting in front of the eyes of all your followers.

6. Drive for Uber, Amazon, or a food delivery service.

This is one of the most common ways people make extra money nowadays. Like the other ones I mentioned, it’s on your own time. You decide when to work. So, if you like driving and have nothing better to do at night, then maybe delivery is a great gig for you.

7. Advertise on your car.

If you’re in a major city, you can make some good extra cash driving your car around with a company advertisement on it. It may seem a little odd but it’s a great way to make some passive income. The website I’m most familiar with is They have several companies that are looking to have their advertisements on your car. Once it’s there, all you have to do is drive around like you normally would. Pretty easy!

8. Rent out your belongings.

Yes, there’s an App out there where you can rent out your belongings. It’s called It could be anything like a lawnmower, camera equipment, a drone, instruments, vehicles, and so much more. Almost anything, really. If you have something that’s just sitting there, then why not?

These are just 8 ways you can make some extra money. There’s tons of other ways out there. Just start thinking about what you have laying around the house, or what you’re good at and love to do, and if you have some extra space somewhere. Chances are, you can put it all to good use. But most importantly, if you’re looking to make some extra money on top of what you already do, then make sure it’s enjoyable.

Do you have any enjoyable ways of making extra money?

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